Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy get off the couch 3rd anniversary to me!

It's been three years this week since I decided enough was enough and got off the couch to get in better shape. Here are the reasons I wrote about here and here in 2008 as I started this blog. As I look back over the last three years I certainly feel great having:
* Lost 25 lbs. At my peak fitness in July 2008 preparing for Boulder Peak Olympic Triathlon, I was down 40 lbs, back to my Navy weight in 1995. I've gained some of that back, but overall very happy with how much better a feel.
* 9 Triathlons. 5 Sprints, 2 Olympic & 2 relays as the swimmer.
* 2 Bolder Boulder 10Ks & a couple handfuls of 5Ks
* Started Family Fan Club as a side project to create triathlon, running, marathon, cycling, duathlon, swimming and personalized t-shirts, stickers, sweatshirt, ornaments and more for family, friends and athletes. We've had a great time & meet a lot of wonderful athletes and supporters over the years.

So, three years down and an unlimited number of years ahead. This year I'm going to be focusing on shorter races and get my fitness where it needs to be for future considerations.

We've got a bunch of new products and designs in store that we'll be adding over the coming weeks and months. We're finalizing details on an exciting new product offering that we'll announce more about later this spring.

As everyone dials in their plans for 2010 race season, please considering making Family Fan Club part of your race schedule. Whether you're an athlete, sherpa, family or friends, we've got something for everyone, including personalized t-shirts.

If you've got a question, recommendation or would just like to say hi, contact us!

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