Thursday, August 21, 2008

Performance shirts are now available

Run Like A Girl shirt
We've had a lot of demand for performance shirts and if that's what you want, that's what you'll get! We'll begin offering all of our triathlon, running, cycling and swimming designs on performance t-shirts, partnering with

The first two designs available are: Run Like A Girl and It's Business Time. We'll be adding more designs in the coming weeks.

Are you looking for a particular design? Let us know what you're looking for via comments and we'll get it up immediately!

Here's what we currently have in our Zazzle Gallery:

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hello Blog

We're back from vacation and refreshed! We had an awesome vacation visiting friends and family in Upstate New York. As we usually do, we drove from Colorado to New York. With two young boys, cross-country road trips are getting harder and harder for everyone. During our visit we said good-bye to Yankee stadium, visited Buffalo Bills training camp and enjoyed a week of rest, relaxation and sand at Sodus Point on Lake Ontario.

For the most part since the Boulder Peak race I've been resting / relaxing. During the week at the beach a did a bit more, ran a couple 5k's, swam in the lake and went for a ride with my buddy Jason on the Sodus Triathlon course last Friday. Jason and I did the Sodus Triathlon last year, my second, Jason's first, so it was like revisiting an old friend. We need some work on our weather radar intrepretation, as we got wet, but it felt good.

I'm glad we made it back early this week because the Olympics have been awesome. Swimming has always been my favorite and this year has not disappointed. Michael Phelps has been unstoppable. It's Business Time, It's Business Time t-shirtThe domination at this level is absolutely unbelievable, he's the equivalent of a human speedboat. His performance and domination, physically and mentally, reminds me of Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and Tiger Woods in their primes. (Note: Phelps just won 200 IM by a body length and a half.) Michael Phelps would be a great spokesman for "It's Business Time" or "I need more cowbell" designs! I've also been impressed with the video coverage, particularly the underwater swimming camera shots. If you haven't seen these videos, check them out. (Jason, notice that none of the swimmers look this: L. Get those legs up!)

I'm amazed how quick the race season has gone. It seems that it just started and it's effectively over for me. I've got one more event on the schedule this year, I'm going to do a sprint relay with some friends at work, where I'm going to do the swim portion with my friend UD on bike and Russ taking the run.

While the season may be close to over, is picking up speed. We've got a bunch of new designs in the works for the holidays, a new store website and a number of exciting events coming up. So while the triathlon season is winding down, we're just getting started! Stay tuned!

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