Monday, July 14, 2008

Mission Accomplished

Over the winter as the pounds were dropping I started to think about some goals, special dates etc... that I could use to benchmark my progress. Some of my loyal readers know that I was in the Navy for six years, from 1989 to 1995 and today, July 14th is the 13th anniversary of when I got out. A few months back I thought it would be fun to see if I could get down to my out of the Navy weight. I then started to think, if I can get the weight down, I bet I could fit into my Navy uniform. I'd given up the possibility of that happening within a year of leaving the Navy. College, food, laziness, beer...just didn't see it happening. (If I can find a picture of me in the Navy, I'll post it. Or maybe one of my readers can send one?)

Today, I made impossible possible and celebrated my 13 year anniversary by making weight and putting on my cracker jack uniform (One of two uniforms I still have. I also have the summer white polyester uniform. Maybe next year I'll put that on.) It fit like a glove, literally. It wasn't as tight as I thought it might be. I buttoned all 13 buttons on the pants and I could still breath. I didn't have any trouble getting the top on either, complete with ribbons, name tag and I Like Ike button. I also have the neckerchief I probably rolled and taped in or shortly after boot camp and I topped it off with the lone cover I still have. I received this uniform in boot camp when I was 18 years old. Luckily the tailor left some room to grow 19 years later. It's a bit tight around the mid section, but another year of exercise and I'll be ready to go out on the town. Well, maybe not on the town, I forgot how freaking hot it is! It was really hot. I also have the shoes, but by the time I got the uniform on, I was ready for some pictures and get out. (See previous comment on warmth)

Anyway, Connor joined in for a picture, Griffin was to shy. I'll keep working to make my old clothes wearable, who knows, maybe I can get down to my high school weight? That would be nuts, but who knows.

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Jason G said...

Sweet Uniform!!! I don't know if I ever thanked you and your Navy cronies for all the rides you gave us. I am impressed you still even have the uniforms. I donated mine within days of getting out. The dress blues had seen one to many chlorinated pools anyway.

knopfler said...

nice job!
nice pic.

Don said...

When I was in boot camp our co commander showed up one day in dress blues to show us. He also was carrying a stick.
Naturally, someone asked whats with the stick....
He said "Youre gonna need one to beat the girls off"
That was never a problem for me, he probably had the WWII model uniform.

楊承琳yaya said...