Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2009 Bolder Boulder Race Report

The 2009 Bolder Boulder is in the books. It was an absolutely beautiful day for a race, not to hot, not to cold or rainy (Yes, I'm talking to you 2008 Bolder Boulder). Overall I'm pleased with the result, but I feel that I've got a lot of work to do and could done better this year.

I trained a lot (relative) more than last year, so I was interested to see how I'd do this year. Last year, I essentially willed myself to keep up with Kim and Rebecca, finishing about 1 minute (1:02+) behind with about 11 miles of training (yes, total). This year I did a couple of 5k's and I've been running 5k's a couple/few times a week for training. This year I ran the race solo, Kim was afraid that I'd make good on my promise to beat her I suppose, so I wondered how I'd stay motivated. If you've been reading this blog, you know if given the choice between walking and running I'd rather walk.

So, my wave was scheduled for 7:45 am. I figured since I was running by myself I could pretty much show up whenever I wanted after that and go for it. I didn't take into account that future waves might be walking waves or the associated challenges of running through walkers. More on that in a minute. I arrived at the local mall to ride the bus at about 7:15, figuring 30 minutes would be plenty of time to ride the bus to Boulder and make my scheduled time. Last year we parked and immediately got on the bus. This year, I waited an HOUR to get on the bus. By the time I got to the start line it was after 9:00 am, which was smack in the middle of the walking waves. Before I got started, as I usually do I have an urge to use the porta potty. I had every intention of #2, but not a single porta potty had any toilet paper => a new item going to the race bag is a roll of toilet paper.

Back to the race. Since I was running alone this year I decided to purchase an ipod shuffle. I'd never seen the need for this device, but it's really cool. It snaps on the back of my hat and I can't even feel it. So sweet. I loaded it up with a bunch of songs that would keep me moving. Great idea, I'll be using this on future training runs and races. I don't think I'll use it on the bike, as that's a different animal, but for closed course running races, I have no problem using an ipod.

The first mile was about 9:45 and feeling good. The walking traffic wasn't a problem as I was at the start of my wave, so not much traffic to contend with. Just after passing the mile mark it was sea of walkers packing the course left to right. It was immediately difficult to find room to run. I bounced in and out of traffic, up on the sidewalk, down, left to right, where ever it looked like there was a clearing, I went for it. Consequently my splits suffered, which partnered with aching heel pain and general fatigue resulted in a total time of 1:06. Not exactly what I was looking for, but considering a number of factors, I can't complain to much. The bottom line is that I need to improve my run fitness. Running doesn't come naturally to me, therefore if I'm ever going to get beyond 10-11 minute miles I'm really going to have to work for it.

Things that went well:
* Aside from walking through the water station at mile 4 and 5, I ran the entire race.
* Listening to music really had me focused on the task of running the race. The downside is that I didn't take in what was going on around me or the bands as I did the previous year.
* I think I could have run faster, I think there was more in the tank, need to figure out how to tap it, push myself to run faster.

Things to improve on:
* Get to the race on time and run with a running wave. I probably ran a 10.5K with all the dodging and weaving I did.
* Improve running fitness and cadence, which will probably require more than 5K's for training a couple times a week. I may have to change up the routine a bit.
* More stretching, particular related to tight calfs and subsequent pain in my heel and bottom of my foot. Getting older, I need to be more disciplined about stretching, particularly when my everything feels fine.

So the first big race on my schedule this season. As I said, overall feeling good with room for improvement.

Next up: Longmont Triathlon

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Posted by Kim:

Happy Mother's Day to all of the amazing Moms! We hope you had a beautiful, relaxing, loving weekend with your families. Every year I celebrate Mother's Day running the Title 9K race at the Boulder Reservoir! What a great way to start out the day. While breakfast in bed sounds enticing too, I just love the frenzy of getting the family up and out the door by 7am so we can get there in time for the kids race and to simply soak up the gorgeous view of the Flat Irons and the energy that radiates from 1800 Moms as they wait for the 9am start! What an amazing blessing to be a part of this event.

Well, this is what it is like under ideal conditions, because as Moms we all know that we have this ideal plan for what an event is going to be like and often it is the worst mistake I can make because I expect too much. For instance, is getting everyone out of the house by 7am easy, even on Mother's Day? No, of course not. It usually involves some coercing, begging, frustration, and on the rare occasion me sitting in the car making Dad take care of it (would this be considered pouting)! Then there is probably whining on the way there, but some how it always comes together and the hour it takes me to run 9K (now 9.9K) is like going out for Sunday morning coffee with my girlfriends, quite relaxing. In the mean time Paul is managing the boys and keeping them occupied. Sometimes I wonder why I try to get my best time each year, shouldn't this be the race that I try to take the longest?

I have been running this race for 7 years (since the year it started) and I have LOVED being a part of it, plus the fact that I can say that I have run it every year! This year was a bit different however, because for the first time I woke up to rainy cold conditions. We have now had just about all weather conditions, gorgeous, too hot, too windy, cold, but it had never rained before. I kept thinking if the rain can just hold out it would be perfect running conditions, I love to run when it is 45 degrees!

Changing the routine due to the weather I picked up my girlfriends Carissa and Rebecca and husbands and kiddos were going to meet us at the finish. I was feeling so great, quite giddy actually, until I realized that I forgot my number! UGH! So I called my Dad who was staying at our house and he zips down 66 to meet us and deliver my race number. At this point we still have plenty of time, but I am anxious and upset with myself for forgetting the number. I like to enter the back way into the reservoir so we head that way, but there is a sheriff car sitting on the corner. I ask if the back way is still open and he says yes, but that it is a bumpier ride. I was driving our dreamy 1995 eggplant purple Pontiac Sunfire, do I look like a few bumps are going to scare me? We head down the road only to see another sheriff's car at the next corner and he turns us back telling us that the road is closed. By this time I am really anxious and frustrated with myself so what is my response? I yell out my window that the other sheriff told us it was ok to come this way and that they should communicate with each other. What?! Did I just do that? So I head speeding back (toward 3 sheriff cars) and as we pass the sheriff that told me the road was open I yell out my window "The road is not open, don't tell anyone else to go that way." What?! Did I just do that again? I then come to the stop sign (right next to another sheriff's car) roll through the stop sign in my hurry and Carissa yells out "He's going to pull you over." As the lights of his car come on and he starts moving I just see the headlines MOTHER ARRESTED ON MOTHERS DAY! What is wrong with me? Luckily it all worked out and he was just moving to officially close the road, looks like they decided to take my advice! Phew.

It all worked out, we arrived early enough for Carissa to get her race pack, to find some friends and hang out for a bit, and then to cram (literally shoulder to shoulder) into the start and stay warm until the 9am start. Once the race started it seemed like it was sailing by. I was shocked when we passed the 5K point. But I felt great so I figured we must have been running a bit slow, but when I approached the finish line Griffin ran out to run into the finish with me wearing his Mommy's #1 Fan t-shirt from I was shocked to see that my finish time was 1:03. I was surprised considering the crammed start, the water stops and the fact that I did have to stop to use the porta potty. Now that was a fun time!

Speaking earlier about foiled plans, this year the boys would were actually cooperating and willing to get their picture taken with me! Ahh yes, some things change! Another amazing year, another amazing race. The perfect way to celebrate Mother's Day with a personal accomplishment and my biggest fans waiting for me at the finish line!

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Friday, May 1, 2009

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