Friday, October 10, 2008

2008 Triathlon World Championships - Pre-race

Tomorrow is the 2008 Ford Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, the Super Bowl of triathlon. Last years winners Chris McCormack and Chrissie Wellington are both back to defend their titles. Both have won a number of races since last year's race, I think they're both undefeated as far as I know, which will make it hard for the competition to unseat them as champions.

For the men, I'd like to see Macca win again. I met him at Velo Swap in Denver and saw him speak last year at the Ironman viewing party at Bicycle Village in Westminster, CO. I recognize that Macca rubs some the wrong way, but I like his confidence and spirit he brings to triathlon. Although I'd like to see him win, repeating is tremendously difficult. If he doesn't repeat, the next in line I see is Craig Alexander. I'm buying the reports that after last year's second place finish he felt fresh and could've given more. He also hasn't over raced the last year, in fact he hasn't gone the Iron distance since last years race. I like that he'll be fresh and focused. I also think Norman Stadler is ready to return to the top after a disappointing race last year.

For the women, I don't see anyone beating Chrissie Wellington. I admittedly don't know many on the women's side, but from what I've read in Inside Triathlon and Triathlete magazines, barring injury or mechanical failure I think she'll repeat.

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Jason G said...

I guess Alexander wasn't messing around when he said there was more in the tank. What happened to Macca?? I like him for the same reasons you stated, but it is a shame to see these studs pull a Glashauser. There had better have been multiple vomiting incidents from him, or else his place amongst my heroes is in jeopardy. My current list looks like this:
Cycling: Lance Armstrong
Running: Ryan Hall
Swimming: Michael Phelps
Triathlon: Macca and Andy Potts
Fantasy Sports: Tooginators
Got to respect the championships!!!!