Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Naked runners face registering as sex offenders

Check out this story from the Peoples Republic of Boulder.

I've been living in Boulder County all the way up in Longmont (~15 NE of Boulder) for 8+ years and this is the first year that I can recall hearing about this event. Apparently it's quite a party where people gather to run naked with only a carved pumpkin on their head. Sounds like relatively innocent fun to me, particular if done after hours, ie after family time, however it looks like the Boulder Police cracked (ha) down on the event this year citing 12 of the streakers for indecent exposure. Ok, it's not legal, here's a ticket right? Nope, if found guilty of indecent exposure, they'll be forced to register as sexual predators, which can have a significant impact on one's life. Seems a bit over the top to me and let's hope that cooler pumpkin heads prevail and it's either dismissed or lowered to public indecency, which doesn't carry the heavy consequences, but sounds worse! I wonder why they weren't charged with public indecency anyway?

PG slide show is here.

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Don T said...

Why would it be ok to do this late at night in public but not during the day in public?
Suppose it was only gay people who wanted to run in public during the day, would it be a civil rights issue?
Should be people who smoke be prohibited from having foster children?
If you are going to do something stupid, shouldnt you be ready to accept the consequences?
Hey, just asking.

Paul Taylor said...

Definitely should be willing to accept the consequences, however I think the consequences are a bit severe for the activity. Consider that if a man or woman was naked in the same location, but performing a lewd act (public indecency), that's a lighter charge then if just streaking (indecent exporsure). Seems to me that the consequences are backwards or the group was charged with the wrong offense.

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