Monday, November 10, 2008

Child Safety Tattoos

As you recall, we took our two boys, Connor and Griffin (5 and 3) to Yankee Stadium this summer. Anytime we go out to crowded event, I almost immediately start to worry. What if one of the boys wanders off? What if, what if, what if? We work with Connor to know our names, phone number & address and in an emergency I'm sure he could remember enough to tell a policeman who he was, but I'm not confident enough to not have a backup plan. With our visit to Yankee Stadium, Kim and I put our bracelets on the boys. Good idea, but there little ankles are not big enough for a to fit comfortably. Kim emailed to let them know about this market and they indicated they're working on it, but I haven't seen anything on their site yet. Which leads me to this weekend's find.

I was doing some recreational surfing and stumbled onto the Child Safety Tattoos from SafetyTat, which is exactly what we could have used this summer, as well as other occassions where it's possible that the boys could get separated from us. They've got "If lost call...", "I have allergies...", "I have autism..." and others that allow parents to mark (for lack of a better term) their children in the event of separation or other where you can't be with your children. The great thing is that Connor and Griffin love Tattoos, so getting them to wear one won't be a problem and they've got cool designs such as Dinosaurs and Dogs, two favorites at my house. In addition to the pre-printed tattoos, you can also purchase a basic tattoo that you can you write on with the special tattoo marking pen. This seems like a nice option when the children are out with Mom or Dad, but not both.

In summary, I think this is a brilliant idea, why didn't I think of this? I can see these coming in handy at the next marathon, triathlon, concert, or amusement park visit. A nice piece of mind in the event that the unthinkable occurs and we're separated from Connor and/or Griffin.

Visit Safety Tat and checkout their products today!

temporary safety tattoo

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