Saturday, July 19, 2008

2008 5430 sports Boulder Peak - expo and race goals

The calm before the storm. Today is the Boulder Peak expo at the Boulder Reservoir. The family headed over around 11 am for packet pickup, expo and swimming. If today is any indication, it is going to be hot, hot, hot tomorrow! I expect to be done by 10 am, but it's already in the mid-80's and not a cloud in the sky, just you and the sun. I picked up my number (125), t-shirt (not thrilled with white performance tee) and goodies. I forgot my USAT card, but they let me pick up my stuff and told me that my timing chip would be held hostage in exchange for my USAT card. That's a lot of pressure considering I live 30 minutes from the reservoir. (Note: I pinned it to the shirt I was going to wear race morning when I got home so that I wouldn't forget it. Now I just have to remember to wear that shirt!)

triathlon t-shirts, run mommy run, triathlon gear, race day supportThe expo was packed with vendors, athletes and support crews. Family Fan Club was well represented at 3 booths: Adrenaline Tri-Sports, Runners Roost and 3x Fast Triathlon Equipment. It's always great to see people I don't know wearing our designs, great feeling to see people validating our vision and wearing their support on race day.

triathlon t-shirts, run mommy run, triathlon gear, race day supporttriathlon t-shirts, run mommy run, triathlon gear, race day support

At noon 5430 sports had a guest speaker, Craig Howie, from Howie Endurance Project (HEP) giving a workshop on do's and don'ts associated with Boulder Peak triathlon. Craig is a top-tier age grouper (going to Kona this year) and coach of the HEP. A couple of my friends (Mike and Kristina) are part of the HEP family and rave about how Craig has helped them reach their goals. If I ever take the plunge for Ironman, Craig seems like the type or person that would work for me too, but we'll save that for another discussion.

The rest of the day was spent lounging on the beach, resting up and hydrating (lots of water and gatorade). I went for a quick swim to work out the kinks and keep loose. I debated whether to bring my wetsuit, but decided to leave it at home and go for the sluggish effect today and tomorrow I will feel really fast! (I don't know if that will work, but I'm sticking with it.) I did feel sluggish and just took a leisurely pace around the designated area. They have diving platforms throughout the area, so naturally I had to stop and try that. I didn't feel fast, but I didn't expect to.


This is the race I've been looking forward to all season, my 'A' race. I'm stepping up from the comfort of Sprint racing to the unknowns of Olympic distance racing. I feel real good about the swim, good about the bike and running is required, so I have to do it. The run continues to be my least favorite activity, but it's something that I can get better at fairly quickly, as opposed to if I had to learn to swim. So, here are the goals:

Swim: 1500 meters in 30 minutes or less. I did 1500 meters at Stroke and Stride a couple of weeks ago so I expect to do it in 28 minutes or less. If I go by my training times (750 yards in 6:30 or so) I should be able to do it in 26 or 27 minutes. The farther I am from 30 minutes, the happier I will be.

T1: 3 minutes or less. I need to have some sense of urgency here, but I'm not going to rush for the sake of rushing.

Bike: 25 miles in 1:30 minutes or less. I'm planning to go as hard as my body will let me. The last ride on this course I started to get a stiff back and neck around mile 15, so hopefully that won't be an issue tomorrow. Old Stage is going to be interesting. I don't have any concerns about my ability, but wonder how it will be with cycling traffic, cars and my endurance as I usually ride it fresh.

T2: 2 minutes or less

Run: 1:15 or less running water station to water station. My goal is to walk only at the water stations, but we'll see how it goes out there. The run is very hot and boring. It's an out and back loop around the reservoir which is much like what I'd expect the desert to be like. Hot, dry, no points of interest, just you and the soft trail. Craig gave me a bracelet he wore at CDA that reads: Harden The Fraggle Up (HTFU and yes, it's a family blog, therefore Fraggle is more appropriate). When I have an inclination to walk, I will HTFU.

Overall: 3:21 or less. These goals are achievable, I just have to execute and have the will to meet them.

Tomorrow starts early (up at 4:15 am), transition closes at 6:20 am and I'll be in the water for my heet at 6:30 am. If everything goes according to plan, I should be done by 10 am before the heat really starts.

Thanks to everyone for their support, encouragement and advice, particularly my wife Kim, Connor, Griffin, Craig, Ben, Jason, Jason, Mike, and Bryan. See you at the races.

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