Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chain Condom, it works!

Yes, it's what it sounds like. As their website states, "Chain Condom is a simple-to-use cover that goes on your bike in less than a minute. It keeps the grease and grime from your bike chain." The concept couldn't be simplier, the "condom" is made of nylon with a velcro closure. Everyone that has traveled with their bike for days, weeks or even a month understands the challenge of keeping your chain clean and rust free. I've been looking for something like chain condom since our annual month long trip to NY last summer (2008). Lance Armstrong happened to tweet about this new product available at Mellow Johnny's in Austin, I had to check it out and lo and behold it was exactly what I was looking for.

I ordered from the Chain Condom website and had it in my hands within a week. I had it on my chain protecting my goodies in three easy steps, just as the website tutorial stated and it takes < 1 minute. It's really easy, no tools, no hassle, really is that simple. I wish it completely covered the rear de-railer, but it covers most of it.

The real testimonial comes following the month long trip to NY (from Colorado) which was filled with rain, humidity, camping, and generally my bike was outside for a month. We were traveling with my road bike, my wife's mountain bike, my son's bike and a trail a bike. Only my road bike had the chain condom. The pictures are worth a million words. Every bike, but my road bike was a an absolute mess.

Here's my bike, protected by Chain Condom:

Here's my wife's bike, not protected by Chain Condom:

Needless to say, it's easy to see the value of the Chain Condom. I don't have the before pictures of the Mountain Bike, but it was clean. (Not perfect, but not rusted either) If you're traveling with your bike, protect it! Worth every penny in my opinion. Buy it online.

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