Sunday, May 4, 2008

Longmont Triathlon - Race Simulation

Longmont recreation has been doing a series of Triathlon clinics to build interest for the 2008 Longmont Triathlon, particularly newbies like me, culminating this past weekend with a race simulation. Unfortunately I'll be out of town during the race supporting Kim at the Steamboat Half Marathon, but I figured I could use the practice. My goals were to go as fast as possible in the swim & bike and run the entire 5k.

The swim is a pool swim, great for anyone with nerves surrounding the swim. I completed 525 yards in 8:30, right on time with my Greeley estimate. Greeley race day I expect to be around 8 minutes.

The bike is a 4 mile loop course, which we did 2x in the interest of time. I had some nagging pain in my lower back, so didn't exactly tear it up like I had hoped.

The run was good. Luckily the nagging back pain is a bike only pain, as I felt good. I ran 95% of the way in 31 minutes, which I'm really psyched about, as that is my PR for "just" a 5k.

All in all it was a good day of swim, bike and run. With another month of preparation I think I'm right on schedule for 1:20 at the Greeley Triathlon.

I'm off to the chiropractor this week (Wednesday) and bike fit (Friday). Hopefully between those two activities, I can find and eliminate/reduce the back pain.

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